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Welcome to Paradise International

Since 1983 we have been producing Buffalo, Cow Horn and Bone Button Blanks, Buffalo, Cow Horn Plates, Bone Scales and Plates with handicrafted finished button and other handicraft items etc., which have been admired. Previously we were selling our products to local exporters in India. Since 2007 we have started to develop our own market Internationally. In this short time we have made numbers of customers in five countries, USA, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong and China.

Buffalo Horn Button Blanks

We offer Buffalo Horn Button Blanks of wide collection to choose from. These Horn Button Blanks are available in various sizes and thickness..

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Handcrafted Finished Button

We offers wide range of Hand Crafted Finished Buttons from Buffalo Horn, Cow horn, Bone, Wood and Coconut. As a challenge we have taken Handcrafted Finished Buttons, and succeeded in the same.

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Buffalo Horn Toggle Buttons

A We offers Buffalo Horn Button Toggles in various designs and Shape, as well as Buffalo Raw Toggles with natural skin. We also produce Cow Horn Toggle Buttons, Bone Toggles Button, Goat Horn Toggles Button.

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Buffalo Horn Buckles

The Cow / Ox Horn Button Blanks are getting manufactured from 14mm to 31mm generally, with the thickness of 6 mm to 6.50 mm.The colours comes, pure white and white with black spots.

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